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Hi all, great to find this site. I've an issue and would appreciate feedback please? ok, so our park owners agreed to us having a larger than normal shed, due to our house being on the smaller side. The shed is 9'6" x 8'.It is made of rendered concrete panels, with a nice pantile roof, UPVC door and two opening UPVC windows and will be insulated fully with a mains supply coming in from the main house. We will be using it as a study/office, extra tv room. There won't be any sleeping accomodation in there.

The height is standard - 2.5m so, although it is only a few inches away from the next door boundary, it falls within the current height/space limits. In fact, from what I can see it falls within all planning permissions, with just a few grey areas around this 'office / extra dwelling' wording.

The shed was ordered by, and sited by the park owners.

So, I've the option of just going with it and hoping for the best, but would always have a potential visit - and issue - from the town planners hanging over us. OR, I could just tell the planners what I'm doing and see what they say. The issue there is this: - undoubtedly, there are homes on our site that are flaunting permissions. For instance I've seen TV ariels on sheds, and that is certainly a no-no. So, if I go to the planning people I may just be prodding the beast, and it may result in a guy coming to the park and hammering everyone. As you can appreciate, as a site newbie I really don't want to be the person that kicks all that off.

So, based on the above what are people's thoughts? Where might I have an issue here? What would YOU do? etc etc.

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