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0 HarryRadcliffe posted this 24 January 2017

Hi Everyone. Great to find a place where park home owners can share their views & opinions!

We're currently in Norfolk, but looking to move a little closer to our family as we grow a little older and wondered what parks people would recommend in the Derbyshire area? We quite like the Derbyshire Dales which would put us pretty close to our Daughter and her family.

So far, we've been recommended as they have a park called Cupola Park in Derbyshire. We're not great with the internet and it took us all our might to find this place! Would be great to find park homes for sale that have been recommended by other people rather than trusting 'Google'.

Looking forward to your recommendations!


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0 BrownBear posted this 01 September 2017

I heard good reports about from friends who have moved to one of their sites. Quite, well maintained and no probs with their home so far. There at New Walk Orchard Park near York tho, so I can't comment on Cupola Park specifically.

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