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0 biburybill posted this 28 November 2017

Anyone found best way to use central heating.on thermostat all day or timer ?

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1 joe90 posted this 31 May 2018

Over the 7 years we been living in a park home I have tried most ways I can think of to stay warm in the winter but at a financially comfortable level. Last couple years what we done is turn central heating boiler down to 2 or a bit less, and leave the central heating on 24/7. This keeps the home at about 18 except on really cold nights. We have a coal effect electric fire with thermostat in the lounge which we turn on when we get up to get the lounge to around 20. By doing this we can get up in the night to visit the loo and not freeze to death. The heat seems to permeate all fixtures and fittings ie settees, curtains etc. Benefit is we can go out shopping and come back to a home which is neither hot/stuffy, nor chilli cause we turned heating off whilst we went out. The gas bill doesn't seem to be outrageously high so we doing alright. Our unit is a 36x20.

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