Buying a park home without a solicitor

0 Thigg76 posted this 01 June 2016

Anyone purchased there home without the use of a solicitor any advice please

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0 posted this 16 June 2016

We bought our previously owned park home without a solicitor and, by pure chance, an ex work colleague of mine bought another park home on the same site a month later and use a solicitor. We where not aware that my ex colleague was buying at the time.

All the solicitor did was download the forms and advice from the government web site and follow the instructions. This is exactly what we did by ourselves. The sale went perfectly with both of us. The only difference was that he paid a large sum of money to the solicitor, and we paid nothing.

Simply download the forms and advise and READ THEM carefully. It is very simple. Make sure you get all the previous sale documents from the current owner if possible, this will contain information that is helpful.

Please note...We purchased a previously owned park home NOT a new park home. There may be differences with the purchase of a new home.

Good Luck. Mike.

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0 Brian62a posted this 29 June 2016

We are selling thanks for info

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0 henryrym posted this 01 September 2016

Just come across this forum!

Thinking of buying our first park home, a used one, and don't want to use a solicitor for conveyancing.

Can anyone point me to where I can download the necessary forms from?

Thanks Henry & Sue

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0 andykirk posted this 22 March 2017

Here you go...

A bit late I know, but I've only just joined this forum and seen your post! :D

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