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0 Michelle posted this 20 September 2017

Hi guys !!! New to the site. I am buying a used park home. Yippeeeee !!!! The bathroom needs a total refit, walls and floor too. I'm looking to a low to mid range price on this. I know it's not an exact science without measurements etc. But hoping someone can give me a ball park figure for this type of work. Will need new everything in there including replacing the bath with a shower. Obs. Need to know what sort of prices others have paid.

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0 joe90 posted this 31 May 2018

We had similar work 7 years ago. Standalone shower, new loo and corner sink. Ceiling was done with white plastic "planking" with downlights fitted. The walls were fitted floor to ceiling with sheeting looking like ceramic tiles - kept the weight lighter then real ceramic tiles. Flooring was just with vinyl type floor covering. Probably cost around £3k today - depends on cost of the hardware.

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