We are pleased to announce yet again, Towergate Insurance are able to offer sponsorship to help support the park home community. From Christmas parties to coach trips, they're happy to help where they can.

So, if you and your residents association require sponsorship, just fill in the form below and we'll do our best to accommodate you. You'll need to become a member of the Park Home Owners Club to request sponsorship.

Take a look at just a few examples of how Towergate have supported residents associations in the past.

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St Leonards  St. Leonards Farm Park Residents' Association Coach Trip Sponsorship 

The association has a very strong membership on the park and organises a whole host of varied and interesting events throughout the year. Whilst many are self funding some are not and when asked to help, Towergate was delighted to step in with a cheque for £200. It seems that the residents on this park enjoy being part of a friendly and vibrant community, something which is quite common within the park home community.


Commenting on the sponsorship Adam Summersby, Head of Park Home at Towergate Insurance said:

"Towergate are delighted to support local park home communities when we can. Social groups and associations make such a difference to people’s lives especially for those who live on their own or who are no longer able to drive or walk long distances. There are some lovely events being planned including coach outings to Cheddar Gorge, Wells Cathedral, Swanage, the Jane Austen Museum and Salisbury Races, cream teas and a Garden Party."

SPRA sponsorship  Shirkoak Park Residents Association Newsletter Sponsorship

In September 2015, Towergate Insurance was contacted by Shirkoak Park Residents Association to sponsor their newsletter to celebrate their new vibrant committee. Towergate was delighted to step in and sponsor the newsletter to the sum of £200 for 125 newsletters.


Commenting on the sponsorship, Adam Summersby, Head of Park Home at Towergate Insurance said:

"It’s an absolute pleasure to give something back to the communities we are involved with, on this occasion Shirkoak Park needed some support for their newsletters and we were more than happy to be able to help."


IPHAS  The Independent Park Home Advisory Service Sponsorship


Towergate Insurance has renewed its sponsorship of the Independent Park Home Advisory Service (IPHAS) for the 16th year.

Towergate first sponsored IPHAS in 2000 and has been delighted to continue the partnership with one of the leading national park home resident’s associations ever since. In addition, Towergate offer members of IPHAS a 10% discount on their park home insurance premiums which adds further value to IPHAS membership.


Commenting on the sponsorship Adam Summersby, Head of Park Home at Towergate Insurance said:

"IPHAS does a fabulous job helping and advising thousands of park home residents and has taken a leading role in discussions with Government about the recent and ongoing reforms to park home legislation. As an organisation run entirely by volunteers it is always a challenge raising money to pay for their activities, hopefully with our help they can focus on helping park home residents rather than being distracted by fund raising"


President of IPHAS Joan Aylott commented:

"We are extremely appreciative of Towergate’s continued sponsorship. As a voluntary organisation fund raising can be a huge drain on finite resources. Donations such as this are a massive help and enable us to focus our energies on looking after and representing our members and working with Government to deliver relevant and meaningful changes to park home legislation which benefit park home residents."


An important element of Towergate’s park home insurance is its park home legal advice helpline which is manned by experts in park home legislation from Park Home Legal Services. The policy also includes park home legal expenses which includes certain disputes with park owners, including disputes about pitch fees, site maintenance, the exercising of the right to sell and the right to peaceful enjoyment of the park home, its pitch, services and facilities as provided by the site owner. Certain disputes include those about site licensing and planning are excluded.


Alan Savory MBE, a senior advisor with IPHAS added:

"We are grateful to Towergate for their continued support. Importantly it is given with no strings attached enabling us to retain our independence and our integrity and to look after our members without fear or favour. We also congratulate Towergate on the role they have played in supporting the park home community over many years, in particular their highly successful and informative roadshows which we have been very happy to support."


For more information on IPHAS and how you can join, please visit our Help and Advice page.