You simply can't beat park home living...

In many ways, residential park homes are significantly underestimated by a large proportion of the population. For years, we’ve been served references of ‘trailer park trash’ through television and movies, however the reality is that park home life (either here in the UK or across the pond in America, where this derogatory term originates from) couldn’t be any more different.


At this very moment in time, more than 250,000 Brits live in a park home and this number continues to rise year on year. Why is this the case? Its simple. Park home living offers a way of life which simply cannot be compared to life in a ‘traditional’ property. Living in a park home offers residents the chance to be part of a real community, one very much akin to a 1950’s village and one where feelings of safety and security exist.


Life in a park home is great and owners shouldn’t let anyone paint a picture that’s anything other than this. Park home owners should be proud to live in such a welcoming community and, in every single park across the country, you’ll certainly find that this is the case. For some, purchasing a park home offers the perfect retirement property; one which is low on maintenance, affordable to live in and great value for money, allowing significant amounts of equity to be released from a former home. For others, it’s a great way to remain on the property ladder, reducing monthly outgoings whilst still enjoying the benefits of owning rather than renting.


One of the leading residential park home estate agents, Sell My Park Home, recently published a fantastic infographic which perfectly depicts why park home living is so fantastic. Dubbed ’10 Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Park Home,’ this visual hits the nail on the head and showcases just why so many couples and individuals are choosing to purchase a park home.


At the end of the day, ask anyone who lives in a park home why they chose that lifestyle and they’ll all give you very similar answers, the most common being:

• A relaxed pace of life
• Affordable living
• A great sense of community
• A low maintenance property
• Safety & security
• Spacious surroundings


There’s something special about living in such a tight-knit community. Life is for living and for enjoying the company of friends and family and, thankfully, for more than 250,000 Brits, park home living offers the perfect way for this to happen.


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