Getting Your Garden Ready for Winter

Autumn is the ideal opportunity to tidy and refresh your garden – big or small. Start off by taking stock of what plants you have and what new plants you would like, whether you are replacing or re-planting this autumn. Re-planting gives you chance to divide up overcrowded perennials while the soil is still warm.

Autumn is generally a good time for planting ready for spring and summer – it’s also a good time to see what is in bloom now, to plan ahead to next season. To brighten up your patio in the meantime potted plants are the solution, with plants that will last throughout autumn, winter and the spring months, such as ornamental grasses, hardy sedums, Wintergreen and winter-flowering pansies.

Don’t throw away your old plants, kitchen waste or any other plant material – turn them into compost to use on your beds improving your soil and insulating your beds. Fallen tree leaves rotted down to form mulch are full of nutrients and great for ericaceous plants including rhododendrons and azaleas.

As the temperatures drop be mindful of early frosts, as some more tender plants will need to be moved somewhere that is protected from frost and cold winds. 

Don’t forget the birds this autumn and winter. The cold months approaching, natural food sources reduced, and less shelter can leave our local wildlife exposed. Yet you can make a difference, by putting out regular food and water for the birds. You may even like the idea of creating a shelter for small animals and insects.


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