6 Top tips to help you maintain your home

As with all insurances, park home insurance will cover you for the unexpected. General maintenance and wear and tear isn’t usually covered by your insurance policy. You shouldn’t leave it until you need to make a claim to check whether it’s covered.

Adam Summersby, Head of Park Home at Towergate insurance gave us his top tips to help you maintain your home – these tips may help to prevent claims that could arise from poor maintenance of the home.


1. Ensure your home is on solid foundations – this helps with its stability and the longevity of your home. Look out for cracks in the concrete and report them to your site owner. It’s also important to check the chassis from time to time, particularly if your home is 10 years or older.


2. Check for broken seals around windows and doors to prevent any damp, mould or mildew. You may find most insurance companies do not cover damage caused by broken seals on windows or doors so make sure these are well maintained.


3. Regularly check your roofing and ensure it’s well maintained. If there’s a storm and the roof is not in a good state of repair in the first place, then this may not be covered by your insurance. You should also check guttering to ensure it is clear and free from any breaks/holes as overflowing of water that causes damage to the home isn’t usually covered by insurance companies.


4. If you leave your home unoccupied for more than 30 days, drain the water systems prior to leaving. This is important as usually park home insurance doesn’t provide cover for escape of water or frost damage when the home is unoccupied for more than 30 days. It’s also important to ensure that you lock all doors and windows to help prevent theft.


5. If you have any expensive jewellery or valuable items in your home that you need to insure, make sure you specify these to your insurance company to ensure they’re covered. Also, if you have any items that you wish to insure whilst away from the home these usually need to be specified also.


6. It’s recommended that the texture coating is repainted every three years to ensure the home is weather proof. Cracks can occur in the coating that will allow water to penetrate and ultimately cause the wall behind it to rot. It’s a good idea to do a visual inspection of the walls in the autumn and spring for any cracks. These can then be rectified before any serious damage occurs.


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